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Light Up the Sky
Feb. 13-28

By Moss Hart

8 p.m. Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays; 2:30 p.m. Sundays

The comedy revolves around a group of New York theatre-folk who attend the opening of their new play in Boston. The lead actress, the backer, and several others, are in seventh heaven at the prospect of a tremendous success, which they hope for in the work of a young unknown writer. Gathered in a hotel room, these people go through their paces with tremendous gusto and many exhibitions of temperament. The opening of the play, which is a very earnest and experimental work, is such as to lead the cast, director and backer to believe it a flop. Instantly they turn against themselves, the production, the author and savagely proceed in what looks like an attempt to destroy themselves and all their former hopes. It turns out, however, that in spite of the curious reception by the first night audience, the play has made a deep impression, and when news spreads that the reviews are on the whole favorable, the tables are turned. But the playwright who has suffered both from the enthusiasm and pessimism of his associates has decided that he is through with the theater, and he is captured by the backer only at the moment he is about to take a plane back home. He is persuaded to play ball with his associates, but he is so disgusted with the temperamental shenanigans of those who were presumably his friends that he turns on them and lays down the law.

Rex's Exes

Jeremy William Osborne, director
Linda Iwanski, producer
Cooper Mitchell, lighting design
David Johnston, sound design
Samantha Grace, costume design
Sharon Watson, properties mistress

Miss Lowell, Andrea Himmelsehr
Carleton Fitzgerald, Stephen Bouldin
Frances Black, Lesa Dietz
Owen Turner/Parrot (voice), Kevin Paris
Stella Livingston, Sue Goodner
Peter Sloan/Shriner/Jack Ebinger, Robert Long
Sidney Black, Jerome Stein
Sven/Tyler Rayburn/Shriner Ed, Steven House
Irene Livingston, Stacie Cleland
Shriner William, Monte Monkress

Light Up the Sky

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