Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?
February 14 – March 1, 2020

by Todd Kreidler (Based on the screenplay Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner by William Rose.

Auditions will be held Nov. 4-5 in the Mesquite Arts Center upstairs library. Doors open at 6:40. Auditions will run 7-9pm. Come either day, no appointment needed. Be prepared to stay the entire time.


Auditions will be cold readings from script. All adult ages, abilities, and ethnicities welcome. There will be a rehearsal schedule at the audition, please bring and note your conflicts on your audition form.

Bring your current HEADSHOT and RESUME. If you DO NOT have a headshot and/or resume, DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU! COME AND AUDITION!

This production will run Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, February 14 – March 1, 2020. Rehearsals will begin early January.

Character Sketches

Dr. John Prentice is an accomplished and well-respected medical doctor who has asked Joanna to marry him. He is a black man in 1967 America and Joanna is white. He comes to her parents home to ask them for their blessing to marry their daughter. He is a passionate man who has found meaning out of great tragedy in his life.

Matt Drayton is Joey's father. He is quite surprised that his daughter has become engaged to Dr. Prentice, a black man. He owns a newspaper in San Francisco and loves his wife deeply. He is against John and Joey's marriage, but makes sure everyone knows that it is not up to him to decide if they should marry or not.

Christina Drayton is a successful business woman in San Francisco who owns an art gallery. She is married to Matt, and the pair have one daughter, Joey. She learns that Joey is engaged to a man she met in Hawaii and he is black. She is surprised, more shocked actually, about his race but eventually understands that love that her daughter has for John and her for her. She backs Joey and John's engagement even against her husband.

Joanna Drayton is a 23 year old white woman from San Francisco who has recently become engaged to Dr. John Prentice, a black physician originally from Los Angeles. She brings John home to meet her parents and tell them about the engagement. She is dead set on marrying John and won't allow her parents potentially not allowing their marriage to interfere with her decision.

Mr. Prentice is John's father. He worked as a postman in Los Angeles before retiring. He and his wife come to San Francisco in order to have dinner with them after learning that John is engaged. Mr. Prentice is upset to learn that Joanna is white, and does not approve of their marriage.

Mrs. Prentice is John's mother. She is a woman who loves her son and knows him deeply. Her husband won't approve of John and Joanna's marriage, but she trusts her son that he is making his decision based on the great love he has for Joanna. She is able to reveal this greater truth to Mr. Drayton as well which causes him to give his blessing to their marriage.